Best Tips for Buying Packing Tape

Best Tips for Buying Packing Tape

It's easy to overlook the importance of brown packing tape when deciding on a secondary packaging strategy. Still, it's just as important as the box and filler you choose to ensure the safety of your goods in transit. Secondary packaging guarantees that your items will make it to their destination unscathed when used in conjunction with primary packaging. If you don't choose the suitable packing tape, or if you don't apply it properly, you risk having your goods stolen or broken, and you risk losing the trust of your consumer.

Considerations For Buying Packing Tape


The thicknesses and strengths of the adhesive are considered when classifying different types of packing tape. When selecting the appropriate video, it is essential to consider the weight of the contents, the package dimensions, and the conditions under which the item will be shipped. A packaging tape of poor quality is fragile and lacks tackiness; as a result, it can only be used for sealing light goods.

Material or Substrate for Packing

The sticky side of the tape is what we're discussing here. The contents of a package dictate the kind of tape used to secure its contents. You may choose a corrugated box, a waxed box, or a recyclable box for shipment. Wax-coated or recycled-content polypropylene tape with acrylic adhesive performs the best. Corrugated boxes function best without hot-melt polypropylene tape.

Methods For Use

When shopping for specialty tape, it is crucial to think about the manner of application, since this will determine the kind of video that will be required. Is it being dispensed manually, using a hand-operated case-sealer, or through a portable device? When tapes are placed mechanically, they unwind easily and adhere strongly once they are in place. Automated taping systems provide rapid adhesion to surfaces. Remember that polypropylene tape may be applied with either a manual or automated dispenser, but PVC tape can only be applied by hand. Water-activated paper tape requires a cellophane tape dispenser.

Characteristics Of High-Quality Tape

Packages being sent out need to be protected by high grade packing tape. The exceptional video is mechanically sound and has a high breaking elongation. The integrity of the box is better preserved by using high-quality tape that won't rip or break during delivery. A low-quality video might result in costly and time-consuming shipping delays.


While the box and filler you use to protect your belongings from damage are undoubtedly significant, the packaging tape you use is just as crucial to the success of your secondary packaging approach. Wrapping, in addition to the primary packaging, increases the likelihood that your things will arrive at their destination undamaged. Damage to the items, the customer's trust in you, and your reputation could happen from using the wrong kind of tape for packaging or misapplying it.